Hikers Stay Calm And Take Selfie With Black Bear In Close Encounter

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 20 Jul 2020 10:36
Hikers Stay Calm And Take Selfie With Black Bear In Close EncounterBBCabinda/Twitter

While most people would freak the hell out if approached by a black bear, this hiker decides to stop and take a selfie with it instead.

The incident took place at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico, and amazingly no one seemed to have been harmed.


A video was taken by a passerby as the bear casually walked up to the young woman and began sniffing her legs.


Staying completely calm, the woman stands still as the young bear stands on its hind legs proving to be around the same height as her.

Continuing to sniff her, the woman stays still but casually lifts her arm up to take a selfie of her and the bear, y’know because that’s the first think to do when a black bear is stood directly behind you.


See the video here:

People have been sceptical about if the bear is trained or not, something that many people who have visited the nature reserve themselves shut down.

According to one Twitter user, it isn’t uncommon for the bears to come down on the trail or even down to the city near by. Another person confirmed the park is full of wildlife including bears.


While the person sharing the video dubbed the woman who took the selfie a ‘hero’, someone else said it was ‘flat-out stupid’.

They replied to the video:

The bear is young and more curious than anything else. Nevertheless, it gives her a test bite on her thigh and a couple of half-ass swats. That she held her ground is remarkable. That she took a selfie is flat-out stupid.


Other people asked if that’s how you should react if a bear comes close to you.

The US National Park Service advises you to stay calm like the woman did if approached by a bear.

It also says to identify yourself by talking calmly to the bear, to pick up small children immediately, to make yourself look ‘as large as possible’ by moving to higher ground, and to not give the bear access to your food or drop your backpack.


The Park Service also warns to be extra cautious around a mother bear and her cubs because ‘chances of an attack escalate greatly if she perceives you as a danger to her cubs.’

While the woman’s calm attitude to the bear approaching her would be applauded by officials, taking a selfie probably wouldn’t…

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