Hilarious ‘Pretzel’ Dog Surprises Owner With Its Unusual Poses

by : Emily Brown on : 02 Mar 2020 12:04
Hilarious 'Pretzel' Dog Surprises Owner With Its Unusual PosesKennedy News and Media

An adorable whippet has been compared to a pretzel as she seems to have found a way to defy her own skeleton and bend her body at baffling angles. 

Pet owner Bec Southey first noticed her dog Posey’s strange talents a couple of weeks ago when the pup woke Bec and her husband Andrew up by diving from under their duvet and breaking out into a range of ‘twists and turns’.


The amused owner believes Posey’s excitable contortion act is a way of expressing her delight at waking up alongside her family, so if the dog’s flexibility is directly related to her affection for her humans, then it’s safe to say Bec and Andrew are well loved.

Family posing with impressive flexible dogKennedy News and Media

Speaking about the funny positions Posey ends up in, Bec, from Mooloolaba, in Queensland, Australia, said:

Posey’s a real dufus, but this was next level.

When she wakes up she’s so happy to see her family that she does all these funny twists and turns on the bed.

She gets all excited, makes cute little growling noises and curls her body up into all these crazy positions.


The owner snapped pictures of her liquid-like dog and shared them online, prompting amused social media users to compare her to a pretzel.

One image shows Posey curling one back leg under her jaw while the other is wrapped around the back of her neck, meanwhile one of her front legs is inserted between her teeth:

Pretzel dog curls herself into impressive knotKennedy News and Media

In another snap, her head appears to be some distance away from where it logically should be as it rested near her bum:

Pretzel dog tied herself in a knotKennedy News and Media

Bec spoke about the funny responses she’s had to Posey’s pictures, saying:

People have said she’s like a puppy pretzel, have asked ‘How did you undo that knot?’ and suggest she should join the circus.

I also got a lot of people making jokes about IKEA and following the instructions to put her back together.

I’ve always known whippets are meant to be quite flexible and supple, but I didn’t realise just how much.

Pretzel dog tied herself in a knotKennedy News and Media

The four-month-old pup is said to be the ‘giddiest’ member of Bec’s family, which also includes a much less excitable 13-year-old Pomeranian-Chihuahua cross named Hammy.

Describing her relationship with the beloved Posey, Bec said:

Posey is still a puppy so when she wakes up she’s very excited. She was in a super-duper excitable mood that morning.

She co-sleeps with my husband and me and is a little bit spoilt; I never even co-slept with my children.

I’ve got another dog called Hammy – she’s a tiny little fluffy thing. She finds Posey a bit too rambunctious and she would rather just sleep, but when it’s sleeping time they get along quite well and sleep next to each other.

Posey’s been so good for a puppy as she sleeps all night, she’s really fun.

My hubby and I independently researched what would be the best breed for us and without even consulting each other we both picked a whippet. She’s amazing.

Pretzel dog wrapped around less excitable dogKennedy News and Media

Posey’s flexibility certainly is impressive; I really don’t think she’d look too out of place in a pretzel counter!


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