Horrific Photos Show Slaughter Of Dozens Of Sniffer Dogs


WARNING: Graphic Images

Dozens of bomb-sniffing dogs killed in KuwaitFacebook

Horrific images have emerged of the bodies of dozens of bomb sniffing dogs allegedly slaughtered by an American security company.

According to the New York Post, the animals were allegedly murdered by Eastern Securities of Kuwait after they were no longer needed when a deal with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) expired.

Pictures of the dogs’ bodies piled on top of each other were shared online by Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit.

According to an anonymous Eastern Securities worker, the company was meant to euthanise the dogs in small groups but one of the workers decided to kill them all at once.

This page is to expose Eastern Securities and their CEO Bill Baisey for the cruel act of the mass-killing of the…

Posted by Eastern Securities of Kuwait and Bill Baisey – The Truth on Sunday, June 19, 2016

He claims they were killed because they were old or unwell and that Eastern Securities asked animal welfare groups to adopt the dogs – but they refused.

A concerned Kuwaiti citizen, Esmail Al Misri, has lodged a criminal case that is now awaiting investigation by the authorities.

He told the Arab Times that 90 more dogs could be killed:

We know how dogs that are well-fed and well taken care of look. The photos were taken immediately after the incident so we can rule out dehydration as a cause of their sickly state.

There was an extremely sad and horrifying animal abuse/massacre incident at a security company based in Kuwait on June 17, 2016 in Kuwait. Due to their contract being revoked, they slaughtered 24 of their US K9 dogs whom were trained by USK9 dog training facility which is located in Louisiana, USA. This security company is an American company which worked with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). KNPC paid 3000KD (equivalent of $9900)/month to the security company for each dog. Early this morning, a brave lawer, Esmail Al Misri, representing the workers from Nepal at the security company and an avid animal lover, advocate, and rescuer, Mimi Maamoun, went to file a complain at Mina Abdullha police station against the security company. The environment police and municipality registered the case. There are another 91 dogs remaining at the security company. While they abused the dogs by having them on duty for 24 hours without rest, their foreign workers would not dare to speak up and raise any issues with the company as they were also being mistreated and abused. At this point, we as animal lovers in kuwait, USA, and other countries, we need to advocate all the animals by spreading the news and be the voice for these poor animals. We must help save the remaining animals! PLEASE NO DONATION IS NEEDED from/to any individuals or organizations. I will keep you posted as soon as I obtain further information.

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A petition has now been started to save the remaining dogs from the same fate.

A spokesman for Kuwait National Petroleum Company said the company was regretful – but had no part or influence in the decision to kill the dogs.