Horrifying Video Appears To Show Man Eat Live Chick Whole

LiveLeak/Andrew Barao

Warning: This is pretty fucking disgusting.

A man from Brazil has caused outrage online after appearing to swallow a defenseless chick whole, before washing it down with a beer.

The disturbing footage was uploaded to LiveLeak by Andrew Barao, and it shows the man give the poor bird a kiss before forcing it into his mouth.

Check it out (if you dare):


Horrible stuff.

However, some users are commenting they believe the man in the video may not have sentenced the bird to a cruel death, instead suggesting some slight of hand is at work.

A user called ‘Jujukillsyou’ said:

I think he took it out while his hands went to his mouth…Hope it was just a good trick.

And this was supported by ‘MeetYourMaker’, who commented:

I can do this trick. Its easier with a toad tho. Think the beer was to get the chicken all wet, then he can easily remove it quickly within a fist with no risk of feathers getting visible.

Regardless of whether it is a trick or not (and we really hope it is), the baby chick is subjected to an entirely unnecessary ordeal.

What an absolute bastard.


Kieron Curtis

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