How Pablo Escobar Is Still Terrorising Colombia From Beyond The Grave

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Although he has now been dead for over 20 years, it seems that infamous drug baron Pablo Escobar is still causing chaos from beyond the grave…

According to the Daily Mail, Escobar’s huge estate – said to be nine times larger than Central Park – was home to a huge array of animals he smuggled into Columbia in the 1980s.

He brought four hippos to the estate from California but it is thought there are between 30 and 35 which have escaped.


Apparently the hippos were more difficult to relocate than the other animals and so were just left in the estate until it was taken over by a private company which has turned it into a theme park.

And it sounds like the hippos have a similar appetite for destruction as their former owner as they have been terrorising local kids enjoying a day out at the fair.

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According to The Mirror, witness Rosalba Casallas said: 

Hearing the screams of the children is something I will never forget. I thought someone was being attacked.

They were playing out in the street in the early evening when the hippo just emerged from the nearby river. It was huge, a monster. It would have killed any of the children in an instant.

In a possible case of minor overreaction, Rosalba continued:

They are incredibly aggressive and so so big. No one stands a chance if they were to charge.

It is only a matter of time before Pablo effectively takes another life.

Apparently no one knows how to stop the animals mating and – although they are not native to the waters of north Colombia – they really seem to be enjoying life there.