Huge Gorilla Makes Cutest New Bushbaby Friend


We can watch all the wildlife documentaries we want, but we will always discover something new and amazing which affects our understanding of the animal kingdom.

This latest evidence comes in the form of a silverback gorilla who became friends with the most unexpected of creatures: a tiny bushbaby.

Bobo, a western lowland gorilla, and the alpha male of his group, showed his tender caring side after one of the caregivers at his sanctuary in Cameroon filmed him cradling a wild bushbaby.

Every morning at Ape Action Africa’s Mefou Primate Sanctuary, caretakers routinely check on many apes in their care. Earlier this month one of them found Bobo caring for a tiny charge of his own.

It’s believed the bushbaby was living in the enclosure all this time, before making its way into Bobo’s safe palms. In both videos, the silverback can be seen carefully cradling the tiny creature and gently stroking it. He even allows his fellow primates to observe both him and his new-found friend.

However, when they try and get closer to get a touch Bobo immediately walks away from them almost as if to say ‘this little fella is under my personal protection’.

On their Facebook page, Ape Action Africa wrote:

Our silverback gorilla Bobo made a surprising new friend this week – a wild bushbaby! Caregivers discovered him cradling the tiny primate during their morning checks, and were amazed to see him handling it with the utmost care – proving that gorillas really are the gentle giants of the forest.

Bobo’s group-mates were desperately curious, particularly his favourite female Avishag, but he kept them all at a distance, making sure that no one disturbed his new friend.

According to Ape Action Africa, just seeing a bushbaby during the day is a rare sight as they are normally nocturnal animals. To see them interact with a creature of Bobo’s size is ‘even rarer to witness’.

The post went on to explain:

The little bushbaby was happy to play in Bobo’s arms, hopping off to explore the grass nearby, before returning to Bobo’s hand. When the game was over, Bobo walked purposefully off on two legs to deliver his friend safely back into the tree

Bobo came to the Ape Action Africa sanctuary in 1996 after his mother was tragically killed by poachers when he was only two years old. Now at the age of 24, he’s in charge of his own troop of gorillas. According to those who work at the sanctuary, despite his intimidating size, he is ‘a fair and gentle leader who is well respected by the group’.

Ape Action Africa is a non-profit organisation founded in 1996. They are dedicated to the conservation of endangered gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys, threatened by the illegal bushmeat trade in Central and West Africa.

They work to rescue and rehabilitate primates from their large sanctuary, which is situated in the Mefou forest of Cameroon.

With more than 300 primates in its care, Ape Action Africa is now one of the largest conservation projects of its kind in Africa. To find out more about their tireless work head over to their website by clicking here.

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