Huge Pig Named Johnny Seen Roaming Streets After Escaping Pen

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Huge Pig Named Johnny Seen Roaming Streets After Escaping Pen_jessica_1985/Instagram

If you’re a driver, or even just a passenger actually, you’ll know there are endless opportunities for distraction while out in the car.

By distraction I mean a person crossing the road just ahead of you or a car door or two opening as you’re about to drive past a parked car – you know, all of the hazards you’re warned to look out for before you can pass your test.


What I don’t mean is a ginormous pig named Johnny just strolling along the pavement without a care in the world as you drive slowly past it, but that’s exactly what happened to one shocked driver in Australia recently.

You can check out Johnny’s adventures below:


A woman named Jessica spotted the pig while out driving and filmed him walking onto the driveway of an apartment complex and hilariously blocking cars from entering or exiting. She later drove past Johnny again further down the road, with the pig showing no signs of slowing down.


A video shared to Jessica’s social media showed Johnny walking along the side of the road as she gasped: ‘Oh my god, what the hell… it’s huge!’

Huge he was, but let’s not shame anyone here because the pig had reportedly escaped from his pen in Salisbury, Adelaide, last Thursday, June 18, in a bid to stretch his legs. Something I think we can all agree is necessary during isolation.

huge pig escapes from pen_jessica_1985/Instagram

Video footage shows the fairly sizeable pig meandering along the grassy verge, occasionally sniffing the ground as a man walking ahead of him turns around as though to keep an eye on him.

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It wasn’t just the woman who captured the video or the man walking ahead of Johnny who were in awe at the pig; the comments underneath the video seemed to suggest that nobody else was expecting the massive pig to make an appearance either.

One person wrote: ‘I thought it was a rhino but then I realised I didn’t have my glasses on,’ while another added: ‘Look at the size of this guy.’ One user wasn’t put off by his size though, simply writing: ‘He’s so beautiful. I want a piggy.’


Another person captured the mood of a nation by writing: ‘Don’t judge. It’s just come out of self-isolation.’ Amen to that, sister.


Thankfully, the pig wasn’t injured on his travels and Johnny was quickly recaptured and taken back to his home in his Salisbury backyard.

All’s well that ends well, hey?

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