Human-Sized Spider Web Found In Forest

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 05 Oct 2020 17:23
Human-Sized Spider Web Found In Missouri ForestMissouri Dept. of Conservation/Facebook/Warner Bros.

Halloween might be right around the corner, but I think we can all agree nightmares don’t get worse than this giant spider web, big enough to ‘catch’ a human.

The terrifying web was spotted deep in the forests of Missouri, by Francis Skalicky from the state’s Department of Conservation.


Skalicky was exploring a trail near Springfield when they made the discovery, which would be enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies.

ORBWEAVER SPIDERWEB: MDC Media Specialist Francis Skalicky snapped a pic of the orbweaver's spiderweb while out on a…

Geplaatst door Missouri Dept. of Conservation op Woensdag 30 september 2020

Sharing a photo of the super-web on Facebook, the Missouri Department of Conservation wrote:

MDC Media Specialist Francis Skalicky snapped a pic of the orb-weaver’s spider web while out on a trail in Springfield recently. A number of species of orb weavers can be found in Missouri. Their webs are most noticeable in late summer in fall, when webs and adults reach their largest size.


This particular kind of web is called an orb-weaver spider web, named after the orb-weaver spider, which is part of the Araneidae spider family.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, no matter how scary they might look, the orb-weaver spiders behind the super-web are actually pretty harmless to humans.

This particular species of spider is large and hairy, and are the most common builders of wheel-shaped webs, which is what earned them the title of orb-weaver (meaning circular) spiders.

Human-Sized Spider Web Found In ForestPexels

‘Many orb-weavers are nocturnal and have the peculiar habit of eating and rebuilding their webs each day,’ the Missouri Department of Conservation explained on its website.

‘Webs are built at dusk and used for snaring prey during the night. At dawn, the spider reingests the strands (along with moisture that has collected on it as dew) and recycles the nutrients in making the next web.’

Unsurprisingly, after the picture was shared to Facebook on Wednesday, September 30, the comments were inundated with people saying they would ‘freak out’ if they were the come across the ginormous web.

Human-Sized Spider Web Found In ForestPexels

Meanwhile, others admired the complexity of the weave, with one person commenting: ‘It’s a beautiful intricate wonder of nature! Wonder how spiders can make their webs so perfect, the amazing spiders!’

‘I’m intrigued by spider webs but not so much by their constructors,’ another person joked, while a third added: ‘Gorgeous piece from an architect of nature.. until you run into it!’

They’re definitely the kind of construction you can appreciate from a safe distance.

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