Hundreds Of Birds Fall Dead From The Sky ‘Like Rain’ In Mysterious Mass Death

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Hundreds of Birds Fall Dead From Sky in Spain - @RadiovozFerrol/Twitter@RadiovozFerrol/Twitter

A mass death of around 200 birds saw them fall ‘like rain’ down from the sky onto unassuming locals in Spain. 

On November 26, at around 9.00am in the city of Ferrol, 200 starlings suddenly started falling to the ground near to the Juan Cardona Hospital, seemingly with no explanation.


An investigation has since been launched by officials, alongside Ferrol City Council.

Fortunately, while the birds fell onto vehicles and residents, no injuries were reported as a result of the shower, according to police, Mirror reports.

President of the local resident association, Mapi Rodríguez, stated:


They came out of the trees in the emergency area of the hospital, flew a few metres and plummeted to the pavement.

The birds have been collected and we are now waiting to find out what happened. We are told it won’t be easy.

A regional environment agency is performing analysis on a number of the birds, to try and uncover the cause of their deaths.

Earlier in the year, toxic chemicals from a petrochemical plant in Tarragona, north-eastern Spain, resulted in hundreds of birds similarly falling from the sky.


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One unconfirmed theory for the incident in Ferrol is that a powerline electrocuted the birds, since the hospital is not located next to any sort of building that could potentially release any harmful chemicals.

Despite no solid conclusions having been drawn from the incident, the formation of starlings as they fly in the sky often in large and synchronised groups, could also have resulted in them falling in such a way.

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