Hundreds Of Puppies Bought In Lockdown Are Now Being Disowned

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Hundreds Of Puppies Bought In Lockdown Are Now Being DisownedPixabay/Me Pixels

Hundreds of puppies that were bought during lockdown are being resold online or taken to rescue centres.

A survey carried out by The Kennel Club last year found that the ongoing pandemic had led to a surge in puppy ownership.


Two thirds of those surveyed described their new pup as a ‘lifeline’ during lockdown, whilst 40% said they bought a puppy because they wanted a companion.

But, as the realities of owning and looking after puppies have set in, many are sadly looking to rehome their pets.

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Many owners have turned to dog’s charities, The Times reports.


The Dogs Trust alone has received more than 1,800 calls from people in the last three months who are looking to rehome puppies that are less than a year old. The charity said it received 114 calls on December 27 and 28 alone, including for 19 puppies under nine months old.

Adam Clowes, operations director for the charity, said owners need to be aware that having a dog is a 10 to 15-year commitment.

‘All that initial lockdown excitement – ‘We are never going to have to go into the office again, let’s get a dog!’ – we are now seeing the consequence of that,’ he said.

New adverts have also appeared on sites such as Pets4you and Preloved, with many owners admitting they either do not have the time or money to look after the pups.


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One owner of a six-month-old collie-spaniel cross, priced at £1,500, said: ‘Unfortunately, due to work commitments now we are no longer able to give him the loving and care he requires and deserves.’

Another is trying to rehome a 20-week-old Beagle puppy due to work commitments: ‘My beagle pup is now 20 weeks old. She is up to date with jabs etc and have paper work to show. She is also microchipped. I bought this pup for myself and now find myself with different hours at work due to COVID.’

The RSPCA told The Times the rehoming of hundreds of puppies is a result of ‘impulse decisions’ made during lockdown.


A spokesperson said:

We were worried that many families who found themselves at home with time on their hands during lockdown would make impulse decisions to take on pets and now, just a few months on, would be seeking to rehome their new dogs after realising how much commitment they are, having run into financial difficulties due to the pandemic, or because they’ve returned to work and no longer have time for them.

Research from the Kennel Club found one in four owners did less than two hours’ research before buying a puppy, ‘leaving them particularly vulnerable to scams and unable to spot the signs of an unscrupulous breeder’.

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