Hungry Sea Lion Catches Ride On Boat For Snacks

Sea Lion having a bite to eat!ViralHog

Sea lions shamefully go under the radar IMHO, especially when they offer just as much bants as a… regular lion.

Anyone that has spent time among sea lions will tell you they are very clued up when it comes to communication. They have plenty of ways to send messages to each other.

It’s true that sea lions can roar, even though many people think it’s a myth ’cause quite frankly who ever witnesses a sea lion roar? They will continue to get louder and louder too should they feel threatened as roaring, it goes without saying, is a way they can protect their territory when in potential danger. This is often enough to get both humans and other animals to leave them alone.

It’s also true that sea lions know how to bark. What’s more, they often employ it to communicate. The barking sounds are believed to mainly come from the males though, f***ing patriarchy. They do to attract females. Filth.

They can be heard making a variety of sounds that resemble honking, including the sound of a trumpet (bants, I told you). Sea lions are believed to have excellent hearing both on land and in the water.

So this video of one peckish chap hanging off the back of a boat to monch on some fish comes as no surprise.

Amazing. Such balls and bants. Honestly, when do you hear about the shenanigans of sea lions? It seems like whales constantly hog the attention of seafaring men and women.

Take this incredible and dramatic scene captured on camera, for instance, where a collection of the marine mammals made an appearance just off the dock of Great Bear Lodge in Port Hardy, British Columbia, with a group of onlookers watching excitedly on.

Presumably having spotted what was happening, the visitors at the lodge gathered on the dock and were near enough beside themselves as they realised they were about to see humpback whales up close and personal. And also go viral.

Staring at a circle of bubbles in anticipation of the beats, the onlookers remained silent, probably praying the whales didn’t bugger off before they could take a pic for bragging rights on the ‘Gram.

One of the women pointed towards the water, and seconds later two humpbacks burst from the depths. Everyone was loving it.

Two of the women high-fived at their luck, and turned back to the water just in time to see the whales rise up one last time before dipping back into the sea.

The lodge’s Instagram page posted about the spectacular event.

The caption read:

What an amazing morning – humpbacks came for breakfast! We’ve never seen them this close to the lodge before, and so fantastic to see them bubble netting.

Nearly as good as the whales was the reaction of our guide, @Marlosha, who was pretty excited! The guests didn’t mind being woken up for this.

See what I mean? Everybody loves whales but seldom expose the wonders of sea lions on social media. Well, you heard it here first: sea lions >>> whales.

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