Hunter Who Killed Buffalo Killed By Another Member Of Herd

by : UNILAD on : 30 May 2018 11:14
Hunter Claude KleynhansHunter Claude KleynhansReviewOnline

A South African hunter has been killed by a wild buffalo after shooting a member of its herd.

54-year-old Claude Kleynhans was ambushed by a large male buffalo while hoisting the body of another onto a vehicle in the Limpopo province, north east South Africa.

The hunter was out on a guided hunting trip with clients when he was killed last Tuesday, (May 22).


Kleynhans, a former police officer, ran a hunting safari company, Guwela Hunting Safaris, in nearby Tzanen, reports Review Online.

He’d previously been hailed ‘one of the country’s finest ethical hunters’ for an apparent interest in conservation as well as trophy-hunting.


The social media reaction was unsympathetic to say the very least, with one person writing:


A fervent Christian’ too. Can someone please tell me where in the Bible it says man has a right to torture and abuse animals for our sick pleasure?

Another said:

Instant karma at its finest. I hope he was in absolute agony before his dying breath.

A third added:


Well done buffalo, great job. Christians don’t torture and kill animals.

Hunting laws vary between provinces in South Africa. Check out the video below about the issue:


Legislation in one province sometimes places a great deal of emphasis on certain aspects of hunting, while little or no mention of it appears in the legislation of other provinces.

For example, despite hunters needing a hunting licence and transport permit in all provinces, most farms in Limpopo are exempted from issuing hunting licences, but carcass removal permits are still required. Transporting a carcass is also only lawful during hunting season.

Hunting permits and licences can be obtained from various sources, depending on the province, including firearm dealers, the Post Office, provincial nature conservation offices, and some hunting associations, says Johann van de Giessen, manager of hunting affairs at the SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association.

buffalo in the wildbuffalo in the wildPixabay

Johann van de Giessen adds:

Hunters in all areas where African swine fever occur, including Limpopo and parts of North West, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng, also need a special transport permit from the state veterinarian or the game farmer, if he is authorised. This is to avoid disease transmission.

Bushpigs or warthog carry the disease but don’t die, domestic pigs are severely affected.

It should be remembered that anyone who intends to hunt game must apply for a licence before the hunt takes place, and in some provinces the landowner has to arrange this. Signing all paperwork before a hunt is essential – the law is clear on this.


No one may hunt on any land of which he or she is not the owner, without the written permission of the owner. The full name and address of the owner as well as the hunter has to be indicated. The same goes for all provinces of South Africa.

Kleynhans leaves three children, Marina, Jolene and Alec, his father John, and siblings Jannie, Elizabeth, Keri-Lynn and Anton.

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