Hunters Track And Kill Two Elk, Realise They Were Firing Into Zoo


A group of hunters in Norway were out tracking some animals when they managed to locate and shoot two elk.

Unfortunately for them – and for the elk – they had in fact tracked the animals to their enclosure at a local zoo, and had in fact been firing through the fence.

News site The Local reported that the hunter’s dogs had found their way into the enclosure, and they didn’t realise they were shooting into the Polar Park zoo, situated in Norway’s far north, near the town of Narvik. They called the zoo straight away and told them what had happened.


Heinz Strathmann, the zoo’s chief executive, told The Local he “reacted with disbelief”, adding: “I think this is very sad, and it’s not okay. We had five elks, now we have only three”.

According to The Independent Arne Nysted, the chair of the wildlife tribunal in Troms County, said there was no need to punish the men:

This is a regrettable mistake made in connection with lawful hunting on the outside of the park. It was a fatal error, but everyone understands that it was not done at all on purpose.