IKEA Say Doll Beds Aren’t Made For Cats But Owners Disagree

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 12 May 2020 18:50
IKEA Say Doll Beds Aren't Made For Cats But Owners Disagreerorygingercat/ikeakovel_ua/Instagram

The phrase, ‘if I fits, I sits’ is all too well known in regards to cats – and our furry four-legged friends can perfectly fit in all manner of places.

From fishbowls to glass counter tops by way of cardboard boxes and elaborately-constructed cat palaces, there is no length to which a cat person won’t go for their famously independent dependents.


But that doesn’t mean it’s always wise to live by philosophies you see and hear on the Internet. Case in point? IKEA’s doll beds, which cat owners are convinced make the perfect loungers for moggies.

Cool cats and kitten owners from far and wide have been sharing pictures of their floofs enjoying the tiny beds, and – even if you’re not a cat person – you’ve got to admit it’s pretty cute.

I mean c’mon, look at this lil guy…


However, cute or not, IKEA confirmed to UNILAD the beds weren’t designed with felines in mind.

In a statement to UNILAD, hopes and dreams were shattered:

DUKTIG Doll beds are designed to encourage make-believe play. We do not recommend to use it in any way that it is not intended for.


It seems cat owners far and wide disagree.

One cat owner had to buy three of the beds for her furry friends because they kept fighting over the one she had. Ryoko Komine’s cats, Duke, Coco and Mini, kept tussling for the tiny IKEA bed so, in a bid to stop this happening, she bought two more.

Initially lining the three beds up next to one another, Ryoko soon found out Duke, Coco and Mini started treating it as one giant bed, and still continued to fall out over it.


So, against the latest advice from the Swedish company, the cat owner decided to mount the three beds on the wall so they’d have to jump up onto them and physically couldn’t fight with one another – without falling off, anyway.

See the amazing idea for yourself:


Luckily for Ryoko, the idea worked a treat and now her cats are living their best, sleepy lives.


Another owner shared a pic of their cat Rory saying, ‘spending all day in bed’ – however, Rory is just a little bit chonky for it.

If you want your cats to live their best, sleepy lives too – get them their own bed. It keeps them happy and stops you lying on a pillow full of cat fur; a win win situation.

Just maybe get ones designed with cats in mind.

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