Impatient Boxer Has Learned To Honk Car Horn When Owner’s Been Too Long In The Shops

by : Cameron Frew on : 06 May 2020 10:26
Impatient Boxer Has Learned To Honk Car Horn When Owner's Been Too Long In The ShopsKennedy News

Meet Wally, the impatient boxer who’s learned to honk the car horn when he’s fed up of waiting for his owner. 

We’ve all been in this pooch’s position: sitting in seemingly eternal tedium as your mum and dad wander the supermarket. In a time before smartphones, you’d simply be left to your own devices, staring dead-eyed into the car park.


Wally has no time for this nonsense. Fortunately, the two-year-old boxer has learned a handy new trick – beeping the horn whenever he feels like it.

You can check out Wally giving that horn a good honk in the video below: 


Tyler Fust, a dairy farmer from Wausau, Wisconsin, US, was finishing up paying in a shop only last month when he heard the constant sound of honking from outside.


He’d only been in the store for a few minutes; alas, this was far too long for Wally. He got bored of waiting and lifted his left paw onto the Ford pickup truck’s steering wheel, and when Tyler marched back out to his car, his canine pal kept his paw on the horn – even flashing some side-eye to really hit home the huff.

Wally the Boxer Dog Honking Car HornKennedy News

The 32-year-old explained: 

As soon as I heard the honking, I knew it was Wally. He learned to honk about six months ago and now he does it whenever he wants my attention. I just couldn’t get over the serious side-eye he gave me when I got to the door. He didn’t even stop pressing the horn until I opened the door.

Wally is getting more and more impatient as he gets older. I was only inside the shop for two minutes before he started this time.


Tyler later posted a video of Wally being particularly impatient to Facebook, where viewers obviously went nuts for it. Soon, the clip racked up more than 218,000 views, with people flocking to the comments to say how ‘hysterical’ the dog is and that it left them ‘crying with laughter’.

Wally the Boxer Dog Honking Car HornKennedy News

Tyler added:

He is certainly not shy about using it to get attention. He doesn’t care whether he’s sat outside a shop or even my kid’s school. We have had Wally since he was a puppy and he has a unique set of abilities including opening doors, whether he has to push or pull with his paw.


At least Wally’s horn-honking will keep his owner from dilly-dallying in the supermarket – what a talented boy.

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