Incredible Moment Dog Is Rescued Nine Days After Italy Earthquake



A dog has been rescued after being trapped in piles of rubble for nine days, following an earthquake that rocked central Italy

The golden retriever, named Romeo, was freed by firefighters after they heard the dog bark among the ruins of Villa San Lorenza a Flavione just outside Amatrice, one of the towns most effected by the 6.2 magnitude quake.

Firefighters were with the dog’s owners, who had returned to their home to retrieve some of their belongings, the Associated Press reported.

The short clip captured the heartwarming moment the pet was reunited with its owner, incredibly, Romeo appeared in good health and seemed pretty nonchalant about the whole ordeal.

This comes a couple of days after a cat was found buried by rubble after surviving for six days. Her worried owner Daniela Tursini had been keeping a vigil in the town, telling fire crews: “I beg you, find my cat, she’s all I have left.”


The pet named Gioia, or Joy, was discovered by rescue teams clearing rubble with a bulldozer in the same town. She was weak and dehydrated, but still conscious after being pulled free.

These pets’ survival is a rare silver lining in a tragedy which killed 292 people and left another 400 people injured.

Relief Efforts Continue in Italy After 6.2 EarthquakeGetty

Local news outlet Latina Quotidiano called the dog’s rescue a sign of hope for those who lost everything in the earthquake. Lets hope it really does.