Incredible Video Shows Dangerous Giant Eel Cuddling Diver

by : Julia Banim on : 05 Jul 2021 08:40
Incredible Video Shows Dangerous Giant Eel Cuddling DiverPA/IAmPotato/Reddit

Out of the many varied animals walking, crawling and slithering about on our planet, I’d have never guessed eels would have been one of the cuddly ones.

Having been quite frightened of Flotsam and Jetsam from The Little Mermaid, I have – perhaps unfairly – always regarded eels as being a little bit creepy and sinister.


However, a video has gone viral showing that eels actually have a few puppy-ish tendencies and in all honesty, I just want to give one a big hug.

Check it out below:


The footage shows an aquarium cleaner from Winnipeg, Manitoba handling an enormous green moray eel, and the affectionate nature of the eel will make you view this species completely differently.


The eel in the clip appears quite happy to be petted by its human visitor, apparently enjoying a head scratch and a snuggle.

At one point, the eel actually allows the diver to hold it in his arms, looking very much like a contended pet curling up with its owner.

This vid was taken some years back, shared by YouTuber SeaBaby13, but has recently been re-shared on Reddit, where users have fallen for this surprisingly sweet sea creature.

green moray eel ( SeaBaby13/YouTube) SeaBaby13/YouTube

However, many Redditors have noted that you shouldn’t ever try and play with eels unless you know how to handle them, with the creatures being capable of inflicting a nasty bite.

One person warned:

Don’t try this at home kids. Moray are b*tches and will bite off your thumb.

Another cautioned:


A moray bite gave my dad nerve damage, he has a finger totally paralyzed and he was lucky. So, while they bond easily (and this is clearly its handler in an aquarium), doing this in the wild is not a good idea.

Eels are understood to be capable of showing affection, but they are also known to have attacked surfers and scuba divers in the past. So if you’re looking for something to pet, maybe stick to a nice kitten instead.

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  1. SeaBaby13/YouTube

    AMAZING!!! - Diver handles Huge Green Moray Eel and shows their tender side!

  2. u/IamPotato14/Reddit

    If it swims in the Sea and cuddles you like a Puppy, that's a Moray!