Incredible Whale Uses Hydro Blast To Retrieve Water Toy

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 03 Sep 2021 16:27
Incredible Whale Uses Hydro Blast To Retrieve Water ToyViralHog

If you ever thought whales weren’t intelligent, this video will make you think otherwise.

A whale watcher successfully documented the moment a beluga whale used its hydro blast to get a toy that had fallen out of its enclosure pool.


In the video, the whale can be seen spitting water at the ball in a bid for it to bounce off the wall and move it close enough to reach it.

While the first attempt doesn’t quite get the ball close enough to reach, the second time does the trick, and the whale goes on to gleefully grab the ball with its mouth and swim off.

Check it out:



The clip was shared on Reddit and has since been upvoted more than 87,000 times – and it’s easy to understand why.

One person commented on the post, ‘This beluga would be a great Pokemon,’ while someone else wrote, ‘This whale got more brain than most people in America!’

Another person echoed similar sentiments, writing, ‘It’s definitely smarter than some human kids I’ve seen.’

Cute beluga whale (PA)PA

A fourth Redditor said, ‘Yo they have a basic understanding of physics but more complex understanding of the world than you think. That’s f*cking wild and also cause for some real soul searching before marine life is easily dismissed.’

Meanwhile, someone joked on the post, ‘Yet when I spit water at out of reach things they kick me out of Walmart. These whales have had it too good for too long.’

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