Incredibly Brave Sausage Dog Saves Children From Black Bear Attack

The Siberian Times

If you live in a forested land, surrounded by wolves and bears, what animal do you pick to protect yourself? Well apparently a small dachshund can do the trick.

Meet Tosya, shape like a sausage, heart of a lion.

When a black bear attacked two young boys in the east Russian village of Amgu, the daring dog leapt into action.

The Siberian Times

Eight-year-old Stas Nagornov was walking home from the shops in the middle of the day when he was savagely attacked by the bear.

The beast picked him up by the head, bit him on the shoulder and back, and started gnawing at the terrified child.

At this point Nikita Nikonov, 12, courageously stood up to the predator. He threw a stone, hitting the bear’s head and inviting the attack onto himself.

After charging at the ferocious animal Nikita too was thrown to the ground, and was in serious danger until a barking Tosya arrived.

The Siberian Times

The little dog drew the bear into the forest, saving both boys and the village from further attack. Thankfully the pint-sized hero managed to escape the attacker and returned home unscathed.

Both boys received treatment in hospital, with Nikita’s mother Maria Nikonova acknowledging her son’s bravery, but labelling Tosya as ‘the real saviour’.

Tosya has allegdly been rewarded with a cake. Well deserved, but hopefully Nikita has received something for his efforts too.