Injured Dog Abandoned On Mountain By Climber Found Dead


A climber who left his dog on top of a mountain when she collapsed during a hike is facing huge backlash on social media.

Paul Finnegan, from Shotts in Scotland, was walking with his friend and the dog, border collie Meg, when she lost the use of her back legs.

Faced with severe weather conditions which were getting worse, he and his friend struggled to carry 12-year-old Meg and so made the difficult choice to leave her behind.

A relative of Paul’s said ‘he had no other option but to leave her’, as the weather was becoming a danger to them all.

This heartless coward Paul Finnegan took his 12 year old Border Collie named Meg hiking on a goddamn mountain Sunday,…

Posted by Brad Mulcahy on Friday, 19 January 2018

She posted to a Facebook group called Lost Dogs Glasgow with a request for help, writing:

Hi I am looking for some advise and help, my family member was up Beinn Sgulaird mountain yesterday with his dog, his dogs back legs gave way and he tried everything to get her off safe but it was too dangerous with the weather and it was getting dark, so he had no other option but to leave her.

He came off the mountain and slept in his car till first light and tried to go up and find her but can’t find her as it was too dark last night they can’t remember where she is.

Does anyone know who I can call for help or anyone know any people who does these rescues for animals we are desperate for help.

No one can argue that today brought some heartbreaking news about Meg the border collie who was missing on Bienn …

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However, some people are less than sympathetic to Paul for what he did to Meg, with users even voicing suspicion at Paul’s version of events.

There’s even been a petition created, which has over 400 signatures at the time of writing, for the instigation of an investigation into Meg’s death.

The appeal reads:

Meg a 12 year old Border Collie was abandoned on a Scottish Mountain on Sunday 14th January 2018 when her back legs gave way, her body was allegedly found Friday 19th January at approx 2.30pm by Meg’s owner Paul Finnegan.

The accounts of what happened to Meg have been very sketchy and no two stories the same.

We feel that Meg’s death needs to be investigated thoroughly as no one has actually seen her body not even the teams who were out there looking for Meg on the day she was found.

If the owner was aware of where he had left Meg why did it take 5 days of searching before she was found sadly deceased.


It continues:

Nothing makes sense, why take an elderly dog on a walk up a mountain in dire weather conditions, why weren’t they able to carry her down there were two of them with her?

There are so many unanswered questions and we just want justice for Meg.

However, not every response has been a negative one and search and rescue officials say the backlash against Finnegan is harsh.

What do you think? A necessary act for the safety of Paul and his friend or something which no dog owner should ever do?