Injuries To Girl In Viral Sea Lion Video Are Much Worse Than Expected

YouTube/Michael Fujiwara

A viral video captured footage of a sea lion dragging a little girl into the water from a dock, where a crowd had gathered to watch the animal swim.

Millions watched the fateful encounter play out in the video, unaware that the young girl is now receiving medical treatment for a “painful and potentially debilitating” disease.

You can watch the fateful encounter below:

Thanks to the bravery and quick-thinking of the little girl’s grandfather, she was brought back to dry land quickly after being bitten and dragged into the waters of┬áSteveston’s Dock in Richmond, Canada.

However, The Lau family became concerned for her well-being after watching a TV interview with Vancouver Aquarium, during which experts discussed a disease called ‘seal finger’.

The male Californian sea lion broke the little girl’s skin when the mammal dragged her into the water.

YouTube/Michael Fujiwara

The aquarium spokeswoman, Deana Lancaster, told ABC News:

The family saw the media reports and got in touch with us. She did get a superficial wound, and she’s going to get the right treatment.

Experts stress the animal shouldn’t be blamed for the incident, and potentially mistook the curious youngster for food.

YouTube/Michael Fujiwara

Andrew Trites, the director of UBC’s Marine Mammal Research Unit, said:

My first reaction to the video is just how stupid some people can be to not treat wildlife with proper respect. This was a male California sea lion. They are huge animals. They are not circus performers. They’re not trained to be next to people.

YouTube/Michael Fujiwara

The little girl’s father made it clear she wasn’t among the members of the public who were feeding the wild animal.

Let’s hope she makes a full recovery.