Instagram Model Gets Bitten On Bum By Cheeky Pig In Bahamas

Pig bites model on the bumCEN

An Instagram model didn’t quite get the impressive Bahamas pic she seemed to be aiming for when a cheeky pig bit her on the bum. 

Michelle Lewin shared footage of the unexpected little attack to her Instagram, which is mostly home to workout videos, snaps of the model and the occasional cute puppy.

Being on a beach in the Bahamas, with the crystal clear blue water stretching out before her, it’s understandable the Venezuelan was wearing a bikini – but unfortunately the swimsuit left some of her skin exposed and vulnerable to the beach’s other inhabitants.

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Blonder than yesterday

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Michelle shared the video with her 13 million followers, and in just 18 hours it racked up over 4 million views.

The post shows 32-year-old turn her back to the group of pigs, possibly thinking the island-dwelling animals would be nice and chilled out, but her actions soon came back to bite her. Literally.

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Somewhat yellowish

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As soon as she turned, one feisty pig trotted up and nipped the model’s backside, causing her to scream and try to run from the pigs. While unfortunate for Michelle, the person behind the camera appeared to have little sympathy as they started laughing at her turmoil.

The pigs continued to give chase, and as the rocks beyond the beach were no place for her bare feet, for a moment it looked like Michelle was done for.

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Thankfully, however, it seems the piggies soon lost interest, though the footage revealed a nasty mark on Michelle’s bum from where the pig had snapped its snout.

While it probably wasn’t the souvenir she was expecting to take home, Michelle will certainly never forget her Bahamas experience!

According to travel site The Points Guy, some of the Bahamian pigs have a naughty habit of biting visitors if they don’t offer them any food.

The blogger wrote:

One huge male swam toward our boat immediately, though, its round, pink snout rising out of the water like a periscope. He was quickly banging himself against the side of our boat, demanding to be fed.

Bahamas pig swimmingPixabay

The blogger explained the guests were told if they held out their hands to show they weren’t hiding any food from the pigs, the animals would retreat. However, they were warned not to turn their backs on the animals.

If they did, they might have had a very similar experience to Michelle!

Hopefully other tourists will learn from the model’s mistake.

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