It’s Been A Great Year For This Anti-Poaching Unit


It’s no secret that Africa has been plagued by poaching over the last few decades, with so many species coming under severe threat.

But anti-poaching teams like this one in Victoria Falls are doing what they can to stop them in their tracks.

The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU) have captured three major ivory dealers and more than 300 poachers in 2015 alone.


The unit – which employs 17 scouts – works closely with National Parks, Wildlife Management and the Zimbabwe Republic Police to help conserve Zimbabwe’s wildlife, National Geographic reports.

The ivory dealers were apprehended in January last year with a staggering 10kg of elephant tusks and each of them was sentenced to nine years in prison.

The illegal bush meat trade is also of great concern to VFAPU, as it results in 3.5 million tons of wildlife being consumed in central and southern Africa each year.


Despite sadly finding several animals already poached, their scouts were fortunately able to save three kudu and a warthog injured in poachers’ snares. Since they started operating in 1999, they’ve saved 183 mammals from this slow and painful death.

Charles Brightman – VFAPU head of operations – told National Geographic:

VFAPU’s successes wouldn’t be possible without joining forces with government authorities and working together, as well as public support – every donation, no matter how small helps. I urge everyone to support anti-poaching efforts in any way can and wherever they can.


Keep up the good work guys.