Japanese Aquarium Documents Busy Love Lives Of Its Penguins

by : Lucy Connolly on : 07 Jul 2020 17:51
Japanese Aquarium Documents Busy Love Lives Of Its PenguinsJapanese Aquarium Documents Busy Love Lives Of Its PenguinsWikimedia Commons/OliverJia1014/Twitter

It’s been a while since we shared some cute penguin content with you all, so allow me to introduce a few of the inhabitants of an aquarium in Japan.


We’ve already know and love the penguins who were allowed to roam around their aquarium and visit other animals recently, just as we’ve had the same-sex penguin couple who adopted their first chick together.

Now, it’s time for the sex-positive penguins at the Kyoto Aquarium to make an appearance. These penguins mate freely with each other and have their multiple conquests and subsequent breakups documented in a very complicated-looking flow chart.

PenguinsPenguinsPA Images

Now, to me, it sounds a bit like an invasion of the poor penguins’ lives. I mean, would you really want the names and pictures of every person you’ve slept with documented on a flow chart for everyone – and I mean everyone – to see?


The flow chart was shared on social media by an international politics researcher who visited the aquarium recently, and decided to bring it to the world’s attention. And thank God they did because it is a goldmine.

Check it out below:

Or, if you want the high-resolution version so you can have a proper nosy:

Upon inspection of the flowchart, a few key players stood out. Firstly, there was the penguin who was dating someone 17 years older than them who actually turned out to be their great-aunt.

Secondly, there was the female penguin who was described as ‘basically demonic’ by aquarium staff, who has so far broken at least six hearts and has now moved onto someone else.

Then, there was the penguin (again, female) who was in a loving relationship with one loyal penguin, while having a friends-with-benefits style scenario on the side with two other penguins. All. The. Drama.


If you want to explore the complexities a little further for yourselves, one social media user has been kind enough to translate some of the icons used within the chart.

According to their guidance, the red heart means they are married or a couple, the blue heart means they’ve broken up, the purple heart means either infidelity or they’re ‘more than friends’, the yellow penguin means they’re friends and the turquoise penguin means they’re either former friends or have a prior relationship.

Phew. Those penguins have certainly been busy in recent months, lockdown or no lockdown.

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