Jeremy Corbyn Has Revealed He Fears His Cat May Be A Tory

Jeremy Corbyn And Owen Smith Take Part In The First Labour Leadership DebateGetty

In a cruel twist of fate, Jeremy Corbyn has revealed he thinks his cat, El Gato, may be ‘a bit of a Tory’.

The Labour leader said he had grown concerned after El Gato – Spanish for ‘the cat’ – showed a ‘disappointing individualism and lack of concern for others’ reports The Telegraph. 

But before anyone starts sticking the boot into old Corbs too much – the remarks were made in jest as he took questions from Sunday Mirror readers in the run up to his leadership battle against Owen Smith.

One witty reader asked Mr Corbyn: 

What are El Gato’s politics? Is he in favour of your democratic socialism or does he prefer Chairman Miaow?

He replied: 

[My wife] Laura and I have been discussing his politics for some time We were concerned about his ­disappointing individualism and lack of concern for others. Basically, we thought he was a bit of a Tory.

But lately he has let the neighbourhood stray eat from his dish and they are beginning to become mates. So I’ve detected a gentler kind of politics coming out of El Gato.

But this isn’t the first time Mr Corbyn has been questioned about his feline comrade.

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Back in January he told The Independent:

When I see the cat I say: “Buenos dias, El Gato.” Actually, cats don’t know their name, cats know voices.

What he does respond to when I ask him to come in, is the tune of Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree. I whistle to it. I can’t sing, you see.

If only the Parliamentary Labour Party, the press and the majority of the British voting public were as easy to win over eh Jeremy?