Landlord Discovers 19 Tarantulas And One Python After Tenant Vacates House

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Sep 2021 13:50
Landlord Discovers 19 Tarantulas And One Python After Tenant Vacates HouseMr. Drew and His Animals Too/Facebook

Landlords might be annoyed to find a few scuffed skirting boards and some microwave splatter after bidding farewell to a tenant, but there’s no denying that’s better than the discovery of 19 tarantulas. 

One property owner in Auburn, Maine, will no doubt be able to confirm that after coming across such a scene earlier this month, when they entered the recently vacated apartment to find a multitude of illegal animals.


It’s unclear exactly why the former occupier decided to abandon their pets, which included a ball python as well as the spiders, but after deciding they couldn’t deal with the animals on their own, the owner called in the assistance of animal rescuer Drew Desjardins, owner of Mr. Drew and His Animals, Too.

Illegal animals found in tanks (Mr. Drew and His Animals Too/Facebook)Mr. Drew and His Animals Too/Facebook

In a post shared on Facebook last week, Desjardins explained he was alerted to the situation when he received a phone call from the landlord he described as, understandably, ‘nervous’.

When he arrived at the Auburn apartment, the animal rescuer found the ball python had been left with no water and that four of the tarantulas, which are illegal to have in Maine without a permit, had died.


According to BHB Reptiles, water is ‘very important’ for ball pythons and should be left in their enclosures at all times.

Desjardins works to rehabilitate injured and neglected exotic animals, and after rescuing the animals from the apartment and taking them to his own home, he assured on Facebook they are all ‘doing well now’. The rescuer added, ‘Never a dull moment in my world.’

Tarantula found in apartment (Mr. Drew and His Animals Too/Facebook)Mr. Drew and His Animals Too/Facebook

In an interview with 13WGME News, Desjardins noted that while the spiders being kept in the apartment were venomous, they are actually ‘gentle and docile animals’ that are responsible for fewer deaths per year than the number of people who die from bee stings.


He commented, ‘The movies show them as being these indestructible creatures that will just come at you if you step on them and jump on people and attack them and run after you and that’s not true. Very shy and delicate. If I took out this tarantula right now and dropped it on the ground, it’s going to break like an egg and die.’

In response to Desjardins’ Facebook post, many social media users thanked the rescuer for his work and expressed their hopes that the person responsible for abandoning the animals would face repercussions for their poor treatment.

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