Law Student Travels The World To Take Pictures With Sea Creatures



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This Australian Law student literally has the most perfect life consisting of beautiful pictures and weird and wonderful sea creatures. 

Sarah Kohan from Sydney has sparked off envy around the world for her stunning Instagram posts, depicting her travels on dreamy islands with exotic animals.

The 22-year-old has been lucky enough to travel in her University holidays to some of the most sought-after, tropical destinations in the world, the Daily Mail reports.

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The Cook Islands, Bora Bora, Hawaii and The Bahamas are just a few of the jaw-droppingly beautiful locations on her hit-list.

She’s also made her way through South America and Europe to document her desirable adventures of swimming with whales sharks and feeding iguanas.

She’s even captured bizarre moments of herself frolicking on the beach with pigs…

When you think you are making friends but really they just want your food…???

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The enviable Harvard and Columbia University student has earnt herself nearly a quarter of a million fans on Instagram, who avidly keep an eye on her travels.

Well travelled Sarah is also a keen freediver and has snapped herself plunging into crystal clear waters, alongside hard-to-find humpback whales.

She told the Daily Mail Australia:

When I’m underwater and swimming with a whale, it seems like nothing else matters – seeing an animal in their element and being able to interact with them without feeling scared or them feeling vulnerable – that’s nice to see.

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Apparently the law student is no stranger to swimming with the not-so-scary looking sharks, having swam with them for seven years and aims to encourage others to not be so afraid.

She explained:

They’re beautiful creatures and so unique. People always need to be respectful of their surroundings and appreciate that they are just a beautiful animal.

The young traveller – who is also a nanny during term time – claimed her increasing popularity on the internet has earnt her endorsements from hotels and swimwear labels.

She explained huge hotel giants like Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton in Laguna have paid her to stay, in return for promoting their hotels on her travels.

At first she used her own money, but now the successful student actually gets paid to live this absolute life of luxury.

She told Daily Mail Australia how social media has huge power to inspire and influence the way people travel and access the world.

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She said:

I think it has given everybody their own way to show a unique perspective on different locations. When I’m planning a trip I look at the tagged locations and see what other people have done and use that as inspiration to create my own.

It’s insane this girl – who hasn’t even finished her studies yet – gets to live a life most of us can only dream of.

Not jealous at all…