Legendary Deep Blue Is The World’s Biggest Recorded Great White Shark

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 17 Dec 2020 18:38
Legendary Deep Blue Is The World's Biggest Recorded Great White SharkExplore Nature Live Cams/YouTube

A shark nicknamed ‘Deep Blue’ is the largest great white shark to ever be recorded.

While great whites are already known to be the largest shark species in the world, it’s Deep Blue herself  that takes the individual crown for being the largest ever recorded.


The female shark is a whopping six metres in length and is 2.5 metres tall, leaving marine biologists completely flabbergasted.

She also weighs an impressive 2.5 tonnes – just like many of us will post-Christmas – and is thought to be around 50 years old.

Explore Live Nature Cams/YouTube

Deep Blue was reportedly first identified in the 1990s, but video footage confirming her existence was only captured in 2013.


Marine biologist Mauricio Hoyos Padilla was conducting research with his team when they spotted Deep Blue swimming around their boat. He recalled to Surfer Today that she was ‘the biggest female I have ever seen in my life’.

Fortunately, videographer and diving enthusiast Michael Maier was also on board, and was able capture the historic moment on camera.

Despite the large shark circling their boat, Maier said that, ‘Everything was very well prepared, and the whole team felt safe.’

Explore Live Nature Cams/YouTube

He continued:

On the second day, I was in the water, and we had to wait. But all of a sudden, there she came. Deep Blue was very calm and just doing circles around us. That’s when we realized how big she was.

Apparently Deep Blue’s appearances are extremely rare, but one lucky marine biologist managed to swim alongside her last year.

Fittingly named Ocean Ramsey, she swam with Deep Blue after spotting the shark off the coast of Oahu, in Hawaii.


Discussing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Ramsey said of their encounter:

This gentle giant swam up and brushed up against our boat repeatedly. There is a theory that large females come here when they are possibly pregnant, trailing whales. There was a dead sperm whale in the area and we did observe her from a distance swimming over to it and eating it on a regular basis throughout the day.

Explore Live Nature Cams/YouTube

Research shared last month stated that sharks like Deep Blue and other big fish need to be left alone if humans want to save the planet. This is because nature’s big fish reportedly absorb greenhouse emissions, and are able to transfer this into ocean bed storage when they sink to the bottom of the sea upon death.


This therefore assists in slowing down global warming – something that won’t be achieved if current fishing trends continue.

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