Lion Savagely Mauls Trophy Hunter Trying To Shoot It


Warning: There is graphic footage in this post.

LionFacebook/ Andre Scholtz

A video has emerged of a Lion mauling a trophy hunter who was trying to shoot him.

The footage, which was uploaded to Facebook, also graphically displays the Lion heartlessly being shot multiple times.

The video has racked up over 2.5 million views on Facebook since it was uploaded.

Here’s the video, which does contain graphic footage:

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The beginning of the footage shows a group of hunters shooting at an unidentifiable animal in the distance.

Very quickly, however, it becomes apparent that what they are shooting at is coming for them pretty damn quick.

Cue some terrible camera work and concerning audio, before the camera pans up and we see the Lion collapsed on the right and the hunter in agony on the floor.

LionFacebook/ Andre Scholtz

It’s only as the video goes on that we see how bad the injuries really are, and they’re pretty bad.

As one of the fellow hunters removes the shirt of the injured man, we can see tooth marks and a copious amount of blood.

His mates don’t really seem to know what to do in the situation, and by the end of the video, he hasn’t moved and is just kind of propped up looking a bit worried for himself.

LionFacebook/ Andre Scholtz

The hunter made a full recovery.