Lioness Jumps Into The Arms Of Man Who Rescued Her As A Cub


Incredible GoPro footage has hit the internet, showing a lioness jump into the arms of a man who rescued her and her sister when they were cubs.

Kevin Richardson rescued the two lions, and named them Amy and Meg.

As they grew, Kevin took care of them, and they now have an unshakable bond, that has been captured in this amazing clip.

Kevin says he is certain that the two would have died if he hadn’t rescued them as cubs.

He said:

Meg and Amy are kind of my soulmates, they’re kind of like humans – you can meet many many people in your life, but there’s very few that you connect wholeheartedly with.


I firmly believe that if I never had got Meg and Amy back then they would have ended up in some shape or form in the Lion hunting market.

Definitely, in my mind, they were destined for a bullet.

The jaw-dropping footage shows both Meg and Amy instinctively behaving as a pack to hunt animals, despite never being taught how to do it by their mother.


With GoPros on their backs, you see everything from the lioness’s perspective.

The video has been released in memory of Cecil The Lion, who was shot by poachers in 2015.

The footage also makes use of drone footage to capture the lions in their natural habitat.


But its the moment when one of the lions jumps into the water with Kevin and uses him as support that is truly incredible.

To see man and beast in such a trusting position is amazing, I’m so jealous of Kevin and his job.