Lioness Sits On Mate To Get His Attention But He Ignores Her

by : UNILAD on : 08 Sep 2018 19:42

This is the bants moment a restless lioness makes every attempt she can to get a lion’s attention.

In the footage, shot in an as-yet unknown destination, the lioness can be seen knocking about their enclosure, circling the lion who is apparently blind or just not arsed about her presence.

Picking up on the lion’s game, the impatint big cat then throws itself to the ground in front of him.


Again, it has zero effect.

Watch it here:

The lioness then brings out the big bucks by climbing over the lion and dig her feet into his mid-section.


Slightly and perhaps rightly-miffed, the lion remains stoic in his passivity.

The lioness, presumably concerned over the emotional well-being of the lion, rolls around in the grass in a last ditch effort to entertain. Nothing.

Well, not nothing. The lion does eventually move but only to get away from his adorer’s attempts at chirpsing.

Is that sexist? Am I assuming the lioness wants some action on no merit? It could be merely be a case of really terrible fighting. Most likely not, though.


There’s definitely some beef here. God only knows what’s gone on between the pair of jungle critters but you’d be forgiven for thinking the worst.

Either way I relate to the guy. I was once in his shoes believe it or not. Totally irrelevant to your lives but me and the fam were once at some dance/singing/event thing going on at our local parochial hall with a bunch of other families from my school.

Trying to do bits sliding on my knees to a plethora of Now That’s What I Call Music! 1999 standards, a girl from my class began chasing around trying to kiss me. She was the most popular in our year which made it all the more jarring.

I searched far and wide in that community hall for a panic room where I could be free from her pursuit only to settle by mum’s legs who I begged to make her go away.


F**k, it’s tough when you’re 15 though, isn’t it.

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