Little Boy Gets Puppy, They Instantly Become Best Friends

by : Julia Banim on : 12 Aug 2018 18:37
Little boy and puppy become best friends.Little boy and puppy become best friends.ViralHog

I guarantee you will not see anything cuter today than a video of a sweet little boy being surprised by a brand new, baby puppy.


The footage was captured in Kennesaw, Georgia, on August 15 and begins with little Hudson toddling over towards a parked car; unaware his life is about to get a whole lot more fun.

Puzzled, the suspicious youngster asks his dad why he has chosen to park their car there, clearly sensing something is a bit different about this school pick-up.

This absolute dad of the year then asks Hudson to open the car door, explaining he had a surprise for him. And it is paws-down the greatest surprise any pint-sized animal lover could wish for…


After a few determined tries on the stubborn door handle, Hudson manages to pry the car door open.

There, nestled contendly on the car booster seat is a bundle of pure awww-ness; a three-month-old puppy with electric blue eyes, a cheeky grin and a tail just big enough to wag with joy.

Voice rising with excitement, Hudson cries out in delight:

Oh cute, a puppy! Oh cute! You got me a puppy. He loves me!

The delighted little boy clambers aboard the vehicle to get better acquainted with his new buddy, patting his tiny head lovingly.

The Australian Shepherd mix also sits up in his car seat to get a better view, and looks very happy indeed at the sight of his new human friend; greeting him with a few affectionate licks on the nose.

When the pair pose for their very first pic together, the photogenic puppy is surprisingly at ease with the camera; smiling broadly into the lens as Hudson wraps his arms around him.


When asked about his opinion on the precious little pooch, Hudson exclaims:

He’s a good puppy and he has blue eyes like me!

He then – very accurately – went on to describe the puppy’s many positive attributes, declaring:

He’s cute and he looks amazing!

He then went on to muse:

How could I sit in here if a puppy is in my car seat?

Writing about the adorable first encounter, Hudson’s dad said:

I rescued a 3-month-old Australian Shepherd mix from the Atlanta Humane Society and went straight to my son’s school to surprise him.

As seen in the video, he had a great reaction, but still wonders how he’s going to sit in his car seat.

People love the obvious, instantaneous connection between the boy and his pup; with both youngsters showing pure joy in each others company.

One person squealed:


Awwwww that puppy and the little boy’s smile awww they are cute. This totally made my day.

Another commented:

Love the matching eyes.. cute.

Little boy is given adorable puppyLittle boy is given adorable puppyViralHog

Heres to many adventures for this truly adorable pair of besties, who will no doubt get into plenty of mischief together.

Hopefully they will find a way to go sharesies on that car seat!

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