Little Dog Picks Out Biggest Toy In Store, Carries It Out By Herself

Little dog chooses biggest teddy.ViralHog

You know how it is. You spot something in a shop you know you must have and you can barely contain your excitement as the cashier hands it over.

The item you once coveted in your pre-payday state is now your very own, and you can’t wait to scuttle home and gaze at it adoringly.

For little Yorkshire Terrier Lucy, this was a soft toy which made her titchy-tiny frame look even more miniscule.

Shopaholic Lucy picked out this cuddly sheep teddy while out with her human pappy. It was reportedly the biggest in the shop and Lucy could not have been more thrilled with her choice.

Lucy the dog picks the biggest teddy in the shop.ViralHog

Adorable footage shows the moment Lucy waited patiently for her toy to be bought and delivered to her petite paws.

You can practically see her heart beating through her fur as she stares up at the cliff edge of the counter; her face fixed with breathless anticipation.

Her human mummy can be heard narrating the situation, however it is Lucy’s anxious yet elated movements which tell the full story:

Lucy’s waiting to get her toy, we’re at the checkout. She picked out the biggest one.

Watch Lucy’s joy overflow on repeat for yourself below:

A stay yap of bliss escapes Lucy’s snout as the transaction comes close to completion. She no longer has control over her tiny dog body; jumping up and down with sheer glee.

No sooner has she been gifted the toy, she rushes out of the store and towards the waiting car. No messing around for this little diva.

According to Lucy’s mama, she is big on shopping and takes purchase decisions very seriously:

Going shopping for a toy with Lucy is something we do quite often. We always let her pick out the toy she wants… she actually will get up on the lower shelf (it’s one that she can reach easily) and she will sniff and search for what she thinks is the perfect toy! She will sniff several [times] before she makes her decision.

As soon as she finds what she thinks is the perfect toy, she latches onto it and is ready to leave. We let her take it to the register counter and she really tries to be patient while the clerk is ringing up her toy.

The adoring human mummy added:

She watches contently and as soon as her Papa hands down the toy to her she grabs it and is ready for the front door! She will strut out that door like she is on a mission and heads straight for the car.

Yorkshire terrier with new toy.ViralHog

Newly converted Lucy fans will no doubt be interested to know the pint-sized pooch has a wide range of interests, and does not let her small stature stop her from living her best life:

Shopping is not the only thing she likes to do! We can add swimming and playing ball in our pool. Lucy is a very unique little dog and is totally oblivious to her size. She thinks she is just as big as any of the big dogs and she will let them know it.

You do you, Lucy!
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