Lost Dog Reunited With Owners After Surviving Four Years In The Wild

Lost Pet Coordinator Sunshine Coast Region QLD

A very good girl has been reunited with her owners, nearly four years on from the day she went missing.

Sammy the Labrador and her owner, Aubrey Lee, were walking through the bushland on the Australian Sunshine Coast in 2013, when Sammy was just three-years-old. That day, to the devastation of Aubrey, Sammy went missing.

Nearly four years ago now, Aubrey launched a social media campaign to bring Sammy home safely… And her determination and relentless search has finally paid off.

Aubrey Lee

For the past four years, the occasional sighting has been shared with Aubrey but none have proven to be Sammy.

But last Friday, a Labrador looking slightly worse for wear was spotted on a nearby highway and picked up by the kind folks at Lost Pet Coordinator Sunshine Coast Region QLD.

Unbelievably, it was Sammy. Her cesarian scar and ‘unique number of nipples’ helped to identify her but Laura has now also organised for the dog to have a DNA test to confirm that it is Sammy.

Despite being away for so long, Sammy immediately remembered her owners the second she was called.

Posted by Lost Pet Coordinator Sunshine Coast Region – Lost and Found Pets on Friday, 21 April 2017

Sammy had been living rough on Wild Horse Mountain, surviving on pineapples pilfered from local rural farms since 2013.

Just to put that into context, Sammy has been living out on the mountains for as long as Edward Snowden has been under exile.

Lauren from the Lost Pet Coordinator Sunshine Coast Region QLD wrote on Facebook, ‘She has a nasty wound on her leg and a few issues with her teeth, but she’s still happy and a beautiful gentle soul.’

Aubrey Lee

Aubrey, who was overjoyed but ‘in shock’, added:

Sammy has health issues that will now require ongoing regular vet treatment and I’ve been asked by many people now to start this campaign so people can help us.

Aubrey also said: “She’s got a long road to recovery but we will get there!” The family are now crowdfunding for the surgery to heal Sammy’s infected leg.

We wish Aubrey and her Very Good Girl all the best after their reunion.