Lost Dog Turns Up At Guy’s House So He Gives Her The Best Day Ever

by : Lucy Connolly on : 16 Feb 2019 16:11
Guy Gives Lost Dog Best day everGuy Gives Lost Dog Best day ever@BRabrenGolf/Twitter

Allow me to set the scene for you: you’re sitting at home, a little bit bored, when all of a sudden a dog turns up out of nowhere.


Do you: a) Ignore it, b) acknowledge it but carry on with your day regardless, or c) give it the best day ever and take it on an adventure.

If you chose any option other than ‘c’, just know you’re wrong and I’m judging you a lot right now. Oh, and you probably shouldn’t read the rest of this article because option ‘c’ is exactly what one guy from Birmingham, Alabama did recently.

Brooks Rabren went outside earlier this month and realised he had an unexpected visitor in the form of a doggo.


As reported by The Dodo, Rabren checked the collar but the tags were missing. He could tell the pup was well-loved but she was obviously lost, so he set about trying to reunite her with her owners.

Taking a couple of photos of the dog, Rabren put them on Facebook to see if anyone was missing their dog, and waited for a response. He then decided to take her on an adventure while he waited.

Rabren documented his day and posted the pictures on Twitter, deciding to create a thread of everything they did together. And people loved it.

He wrote:

So this random dog showed up to my house to hang today here’s the thread of what we did

Figuring dogs love nothing more than food (I mean, same), Rabren fed the pup a big bowl of dog treats before embarking on their journey – a decision which the dog clearly appreciated.


To kickstart their day of fun, Rabren took her swimming. After all of the paddling tired her out, Rabren then let her have a nap while he got his schoolwork done.

Their fun didn’t stop there though; after re-energising herself, Rabren then exceeded all expectations and took her on a boat ride. Absolute goals.

And just look how happy she was:

While the duo were having the time of their lives, the dog’s family were looking for her and eventually saw on Facebook she was being looked after by Rabren.

Rabren posted an update to social media:

Lola’s owners found her and were very happy she had such a fun day and that she’s okay! Hopefully she’ll drop by to see me again sometime soon!

Which, you’d assume, would be the end of the day’s activities; the pup, called Lola, had been reunited with her family and that’s that. Except it wasn’t, as 10 minutes later Lola returned.


Obviously, her owners came back to get her and Rabren waited with the pup on his porch until they showed up (for the second time).

The family were more than happy it was Rabren who found their lost pup, and thanked him profusely for giving her the best day ever.

Now, if any dogs want to lose themselves and turn up in my garden sometime soon, that’d be great. Any takers?

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