Lumberjacks Discover Mummified Dog Inside Tree

Southern Forest World

Mummified animals are literally nothing new but some lumberjacks got quite the surprise when they discovered a dog inside a tree trunk.

In 1980 the dog, affectionally known as Stuckie, was discovered inside a tree trunk in Georgia that was cut open by a group of loggers from the Kraft Corporation.

The mummified hunting dog was found lodged in a hollow part of the trunk near the top of the tree where it is believed he got stuck approximately 20 years earlier after chasing after small game.

Southern Forest World

In a tragic series of events, Stuckie starved to death after becoming trapped and its body was mummified instead of naturally decomposing due to the natural draft of air in the hollow truck carrying his scent away upwards from insects.

Stuckie’s body and the tree is now the main attraction at Southern Forest World, a museum of trees in Waycross, Georgia, after being donated by the loggers in 1981.

Stuckie’s name was given to him following a competition in 2002 and really is suitable for the poor pupper.

Southern Forest World

Roadside America explains how Stuckie got stuck:

A chimney effect occurred in the hollow tree, resulting in an upward draft of air. This caused the scent of the dead animal to be carried away, which otherwise would have attracted insects and other organisms that feed on dead animals.

The hollow tree also provided relatively dry conditions, and the tannic acid of the oak helped harden the animal’s skin.

For decades tourists from around the world have visited the museum to see Stuckie who still draws in the crowds.

Southern Forest World

Brandy Stevenson, the manager of Southern Forest World, spoke about Stuckie saying:

People always ask me, ‘How did he get in there?’. And I always say, ‘Well, he was a hound dog. Maybe he was after a coon’.

And then they’ll say, ‘Poor old thing. I feel so sorry for him’.

His body remains in excellent condition thanks to the low-moisture level within the tree that means there is little decay.

If you want to see Stuckie the mummified dog yourself, you can find him at the Southern Forest World Museum and Environmental Centre in Waycross, Georgia. The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 9am to 2pm.