Magician Puts On Show For Shelter Dogs And Their Reactions Are Priceless


Attending a really good magic show can be a dazzling experience for many people; firing up our senses of wonder and curiosity no matter how old we might be.

This fondness for tricks and mystery appears to go for dogs too. With their naturally playful and inquisitive nature, it is no great surprise that man’s best friend also make for a brilliant magic show audience.

The dogs from New York’s Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter were in for a real treat when they received a visit from magician John Stessel.

A Santa hat clad John wowed resident dogs with his magic tricks, with each pooch reacting in a completely different but equally cute manner. Some ran away in shock or gazed around in bewilderment, while pluckier ones proceeded to pull off his Santa hat in revenge.

One furry angel by the name of Teragon responded by rolling around on his back with a big grin on his face, apparently unable to process his own surprise.

It’s hoped this footage will help showcase the unique temperaments of the dogs at the shelter, helping them to find a home where they can truly thrive.

According to the video:

To help get our animal shelter dogs adopted, TBS brought them the magic of the holidays, to show you how full of life they are.

All these dogs are available for adoption at Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Shot by the TBS Network, the footage has been viewed over one million times at the time of writing, with animal lovers greatly enjoying the dogs’ silly antics.

John told The Dodo:

I’ve always loved the idea of doing magic with dogs.

Performing for them was nothing short of incredible.

He continued:

The reaction from the dogs was just amazing. They were just so cute. It was really special.

According to John:

They just wanted to be loved. Each one of them would be perfect to find their own forever home.

Oh, and for all those worrying; these sweethearts were not denied snacks for too long and were given plenty of attention and treats once the cameras stopped rolling.

Those who have watched the adorable footage have fallen head over tail in love with this furry bundles of joy, delighted by the distinct personalities of the dogs.

One pun-derful person commented:

So dog gone cute!!! I pray they all land their furever homes…

Another astute person managed to categorise the loveable dogs into the following groups:

The three kinds of dogs:
1. Where treat? More tricks, look cute, get treat?!
2. Well, now you’re useless to me, bye.

Hopefully these beautiful dogs will soon find their own special human(s) who can play with them until their heart’s content.

Of course, the precious babies starring in this video are all the way over in the Big Apple. But there is still plenty you can do to help their canine cousins on this side of the pond.

Visit the RSPCA website for further information about how you can transform the life of a dog.

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