Man Batters Dead Fox Against Animal Rights Activists’ Car At Boxing Day Hunt

by : Emily Brown on : 27 Dec 2019 16:45

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Man Batters Dead Fox Against Animal Rights Activists’ Car At Boxing Day HuntCaters

A shocking video taken by an animal rights activist captures the moment a hunting supporter attacked their car by bashing a dead fox against the windows. 


The disturbing incident took place on Boxing Day in North Yorkshire, where the Badsworth Hunt in Kirk Smeaton was one of dozens of hunting ‘meets’ taking place across the UK.

Animal rights group Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs set out to protest the cruel practice, but footage showed their car being blocked in by a 4×4 before a group of men began to approach the vehicle.

Take a look at how the pro-hunting group lashed out at the campaigners below.

Warning: Graphic and Upsetting Content:



Though fox hunts were banned under the The Hunting Act 2004, the ban failed to prevent hunters meeting to carry out legal drag or trail hunts, where hounds are trained to follow an artificial scent. Campaigners claim these hunts are a ‘cover’ for foxes to continue to be mauled to death by hounds.

Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs shared their video on Facebook, showing the moment they became surrounded by hunting supporters.

The campaigners attempted to reverse their car down the road, but they were met with a number of other men who started running towards their vehicle.

Man attacks animal rights activists' car with dead foxCaters

One supporter could be seen holding a dead fox, which is thought to have been roadkill, as he approached the car. He attempted to cover his face with his hand as he repeatedly bashed the dead animal against the windows before the activists were able to escape down the road.

One member of Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs spoke to the MailOnline about the incident, saying:

The man rushed at us as we tried to leave the area to follow another hunt.

They’d started blocking our vehicle in and then suddenly he came up with this fox and started smashing it against the passenger window.

We had a number of newer members with us and they were a little shook up after the incident. I have been campaigning for around 27 years now so am used to their behaviour.


Shocking photos shared on Twitter by campaigner Charlotte Smith showed the car smeared with blood after the man hit it with the fox:

Man hits activists' car with dead foxMan hits activists' car with dead foxCharlotte Smith/Twitter
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After successfully escaping the aggressive hunting supporters, the activists headed elsewhere in an attempt to prevent another hunt.

The group have claimed the men damaged their vehicle during the attack, and they have since learned the name of the man who smashed the fox against the car window.


North Yorkshire Police are said to be investigating the incident, though enquiries are at an early stage.

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