Man Captures Clear Photo Of Wild ‘Puma’ In UK

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Forget about Bigfoot, there could be wild pumas on the loose in the UK.


A man in Yorkshire has taken a photo of what appears to be a (definitely not Photoshopped) puma in the British countryside – and it’s the clearest photo of a big cat sighting in the UK yet.

It is the latest in a string of sightings of big cats in Britain – with more than 50 being reported to police since 2001.

Here’s what he spotted:


Can’t see it? Here’s a close up:


According to the photographer, Lee Clifford, the puma stayed put for 15 seconds before disappearing again.

Clifford said it is the clearest photo of a wild cat in Britain he has ever seen.

He added:

It was definitely a puma. It was a lot bigger than a normal cat.

I have never seen anything as clear as this before. I have looked on the internet a bit but I have never seen anything like it.

I wouldn’t have noticed it usually, but I saw a bit of movement. Then I looked more closely and saw it standing there. I think it was trying to make sure I didn’t see it.

I was eating a tin of mackerel at the time so maybe it got a smell of that.

It was just watching me and hiding there.


Apparently, Lee has had these pictures since 2013, but only just released them to prompt others to report any sightings.


And although he hasn’t seen the puma since, he claims he’s found the remains of other animals and clumps of fur in the same spot, The Mirror reports. He added: “I have been looking for three years since but not had any luck. It has become an obsession.”

And it’s not the first sighting.

Big cats – normally black or brown – have been seen in almost every county in Britain. And sightings of the cats have largely been blamed on the introduction of the 1976 Wild Animals Act, which curbed a growing fashion for exotic pets in the ’60s and ’70s.

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Some owners were thought to have freed their animals into the wild to avoid being caught breaking the law, the Huffington Post reports.

So is the photo bullshit? Well, either the lighting in that forest is terrible or there’s a good chance it was Photoshopped.

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