Man Finds Terrifying Spider That Looks Exactly Like Aragog From Harry Potter

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Oct 2020 10:58
Man Finds Terrifying Spider That Looks Exactly Like Aragog From Harry PotterWarner Bros./u/noobshifu69/Reddit

The other day, I was unfurling my bath towel in preparation for a shower when the absolute worst happened.

A spider, which had apparently found a cosy little spot in the folds of my towel in which to have a nap, suddenly sprung into action, scuttling about in a panic at the sight of the screaming giant who had disturbed its slumber.


Naturally, I was terrified and couldn’t relax until the beast was shoved outside in the cold. However, I am of course writing this from England, and the leggy intruder in question couldn’t have been much bigger than a 50p coin. Meanwhile, in Sydney, Australia….


Behold, the stuff of my darkest nightmares. A creature I’m praying is some sort of prank made out of papier-mâché and cat hair, but that I know deep down is very, very real.

Reddit user u/noobshifu69 shared this chilling photo on a thread to try and figure out what kind of spider they were looking at. They apparently found it lurking in their backyard but, bizarrely, gave no mention of their plans to move out immediately.


It’s difficult to gauge the size of this monster, although I imagine you’d struggle to catch it in a cup. Thanks to its impressive eyebrows and large, rather wise-looking face, many have compared it to Aragog from Harry Potter.

AragogWarner Bros.

Potter fans will recall that Aragog (RIP) was the leader of a colony of colossal spiders who live in the mysterious Forbidden Forest.

With an eighteen-foot leg span and an appetite for human flesh, Aragog wasn’t exactly the most heart-warming of J.K. Rowling’s magical characters, but he was well-liked by Hagrid, who regarded him as a very close friend.


Many of those on the Reddit thread have drawn comparisons between the late ‘king of arachnids’ and this (hopefully smaller) garden dweller, with one person asking, ‘Isn’t that the spider from Harry Potter?’ Quoting from the beloved book series, another replied, ‘Aragog, my old friend’.


Although it hasn’t been verified, some have suggested this could be a wolf spider, a type of spider that pounces on its prey much like a wolf. And for that lovely image, you’re absolutely welcome.

According to The Wildlife Trusts, these spiders are regarded to be ‘beneficial neighbours’, and can help to manage garden pests. As one Reddit user put it, ‘be thankful for this good boy’.


Thankfully, there is no mention of this sort of spider luring schoolchildren into forests to feast on them, however I for one would be zooming away on a broomstick sharpish if I came across this fantastic beast.

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    What spider is this? Found it in my backyard o.0

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    Wolf spider