Man Gored To Death At Spanish Bull Running Festival


This is the dramatic and gruesome moment a Spanish man was gored to death by a bull at an annual running of the bulls festival.

The footage, taken at the Toro del Aleluya [Bull of the Hallelujah] event, shows the man in his fifties being repeatedly gored by the animal.

The festival, which has taken place on Easter Sunday in Arcos de la Frontera in Cadiz, Andalusia, southwestern Spain since 1784.

As you can see the video shows the bull going after a runner in a red sweatshirt, however the runner manouveres out of the way of the bull and the bull loses interest.

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Then the animal chases a man in a yellow shirt, who is unable to give it the slip. The bull then plunges its horns into his side repeatedly, and throws him up and down, before moving on.

The man was immediately transported to the Hospital Jerez de la Frontera with serious puncture wounds however doctors were unable to save him and he was quickly pronounced dead.

All that has been revealed about the man was that he was in his fifties and a local resident.


Town mayor Isidoro Gambin expressed his ‘support and affection’ for the friends and family of the deceased.

Another man was seriously injured during the bull run after being punctured numerous times in his upper body. He was rushed to a hospital in Cadiz where he remains in a ‘safe but stable condition’.

In a similar event this time last year in Peru, a man was seriously injured during a bull run after being gored so severely he almost lost his genitals.

Medics claimed at the time, that the young man, who had reportedly been drinking, was gored in the groin and that his genitals may have been ‘damaged beyond repair’. Ouch.


The Jala Toro run is one of several similar events worldwide that sees bulls run through town streets, most famously at Pamplona in Spain, pursuing young men who try to show off and outrun the angry animal.

A video thought to be of the man receiving the life-changing injury shows the bull with three spears sticking out of it before goring the man and flinging him in the air by his groin.

Bull runs are a constant source of controversy. Despite the fact they’re highly popular and supported all over Spain and South America, with many claiming the bull runs are part of their culture, many others claim the festivals place unnecessary stress on the bulls.


According to Spanish legend, bull runs began in north-eastern Spain during the 14th century when men who were transporting cattle to sell would try and speed the bulls up by getting them rilled up so that they would run to the market.

As the years went by, the running of the bulls became a competition were men would run in front of the bulls in an attempt to outpace them and successfully make it to their pens without being overtaken.

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