Man Hand Feeds Crocodiles In Pond

by : Tim Horner on : 25 Aug 2018 17:39
man hand feeds crocodilesman hand feeds crocodilesUNILAD

Every now and again you see something that gives you hope in life, like people walking pet geese in parks or some guy hand feeding crocodiles…


Wait, what? Why would anyone ever do something like that? Beats me. I once had a pet budgie who bit my hand when I tried to feed it. To cheer me up my mum took me to the park to feed the ducks. The ducks bit me too. I’m not particularly keen on animals whatever size or breed they come in. If they’ve got teeth. I’m not interested. I’ve been bitten before.

One chap who doesn’t give two figs about being bitten by something everyone knows is good at biting things is this guy, feeding crocodiles like it’s not the most nerve-racking thing anyone could possible do out of choice.

But you see, it’s only ridiculous for me from the comfortable confines of my desk, which I’m not leaving because something outside is definitely going to bite me. For the guy in the video it’s just part of life.


Maksims Grudinins who sent the video to UNILAD explains:

In the African village of Sabu, the state of Burkina Faso, tourists can safely pat the crocodile and take a picture next to him.

This is possible, because the crocodiles in this village are sacred, and their inhabitants are full of food. The place where the “tame” crocodiles are found is called the Crocodile pond. Living in it crocodiles, local residents consider the guardians of their destinies. It is believed that if a villager lies, the crocodiles must know about this and eat the cheater.

I could’ve had a photo with a koala once upon a time but I declined because its owners wanted $10 for the pleasure. And it would probably have bitten me.

man hand feeds crocodileman hand feeds crocodileUNILAD

Maksims added:

Earlier, people suspected of lying to people even offered to stand by the water so that the “wise” crocodiles decided whether the charge was justified. However, usually the one who really lied preferred to leave the village than to stand in front of the pond.

Is the lesson here don’t trust someone who doesn’t trust themselves to be around crocodiles? I’m not entirely sold.

One couple in Kariba, Zimbabwe, found out not all crocs are created equal as one recently decided to take a dip in their swimming pool.


The little whippersnapper wasn’t just going for a quick dip to cool down – as the footage shows, it was intentionally going after the couple who just happened to be in the swimming pool at the time.

In a move possibly inspired by the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia the guy in the pool absolutely bolts it when he sees the uninvited swimmer, leaving his female friend to fend for herself.

As the woman in the video tries to escape, the crocodile demonstrates its amazing agility in the water and lunges for her, snapping its jaws as she get out of the pool.

Luckily, the woman escaped with no serious injuries, only sustaining some cuts to her back and arm. The crocodile was taken away by authorities some time later.

Damn it, you’ve put me off swimming now. I was just getting over my fear of animals.

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