Man Hospitalised After Rat Attacks Him On Toilet



In news that’s going to have people everywhere hovering above their loos, reports claim that a man was bitten on the arse while sitting on the toilet – by a rat.

The incident happened in County Cork, Ireland, and the elderly gent was rushed to hospital where he received treatment, reports The Mirror.

Local Councillor Noel Collins, believes the attack happened due to flooding and the politician is now warning others to keep an eye out for the rodents – especially during flood times.


According to the Irish Mirror, he said: 

The flooding resulted in a rat infestation, which really upset many families, mentally and physically, and indeed, one elderly gentleman suffered a rat bite to his posterior while using his toilet, and had to receive immediate medical attention.

Mr Collins has reportedly asked for authorities to investigate the idea of possibly flushing rat poison into the sewer system to deal with the problem.

However, the council warned that introducing poison into the system could contaminate other water sources, adding that Irish Water are responsible for vermin control in the system.


He went on to explain that a plumber had found a broken sewer pipe nearby, which is now believed to have been how the rat got into the system.

Mr Collins did have some other words of advice though: 

I would advise homeowners to keep their toilet seats down when not in use, and to watch their posteriors.

How exactly do you watch your own arse while sitting on the toilet…