Man Is Chased Up Tree By Bear, Neighbour Doesn’t Give A Sh*t


If a bear happened to trap you somewhere inconvenient, like 30 feet up a tree, you may hope someone would give you a hand.

But that’s not how they do things in Russia, apparently.

YouTuber attila batu has seen a clip, reportedly filmed a few years ago, go viral after he captured footage of a bear trapping his neighbour at the top of a tree.

The Daily Mail claims the video was shot in the Russian Town of Krasnoufimsk.

What is particularly incredible about this potentially deadly situation is that the man filming doesn’t appear to give two shits about the situation.

The video looks to be some form of a vlog, opening with the man filming a collection of TVs inside his house.

He then takes the camera outside, zooms in on the bizarre bear situation, before casually turning the camera away and focusing on a number of cars in the yard and a rabbit. You know, as you do.

Eventually, he does give a second thought to the man who is probably crapping himself while clinging on to the branches, and glances the camera back in his direction to see that the bear seems to have gone.

How many bears does this guy encounter every week that his reaction can be so ridiculously casual?