Man Raises Seven Caterpillars In Lockdown After Finding Them In His Broccoli

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 26 Jun 2020 18:44

While most people are dying their hair wacky colours or baking banana bread during lockdown, this guy decided to raise seven caterpillars that he found on his broccoli. 


Sam Darlatston went to cook some broccoli when he noticed seven baby caterpillars were hidden inside it.

While most people would have simply but the little guys outside in their garden, Sam, 27, decided to keep them and raise them as his own.

Since finding the caterpillars and deciding to keep them, Sam has been documenting their journey on Twitter.


Sam’s first tweet on June 11 said:

@Tesco I was about to cook my favourite vegetable of all time (broccoli) and after unwrapping it, to my surprise, found caterpillars inside! They’re really nice and we’ve ended up keeping one as a pet and naming him. but just as a heads up, some of your broc has c-pillars

Upon discovering the first caterpillar, who went on to be named Cedric, Sam opened another packet of broccoli to discover five more caterpillars inside.

Sam of course updated his followers on the newest additions to his insect family.

It was the Twitter thread we all didn’t know we needed.

Sam’s housemate later went to cook their own broccoli for the seventh and final member of the family to arrive.

He tweeted:


WELL! What do you know! My housemate just went to cook his broccoli and BAMMMMMMM, he’s got green mates too. Open to name suggestions for our 7th caterpillar child.

As of yesterday, June 25, several of the caterpillars, named Broc, Olly, Cedric, Croc, Janine, and Slim Eric, have now evolved into butterflies.

Sam shared the heartwarming moment of Broc’s release on social media.

Along with the video, he wrote:

It’s time for another of our caterpillar-now-butterfly kids to spread their wings.

Broc was released live with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 earlier (honestly what is that sentence) so just before my show on @KissFMUK right now I’ve just released his best mate Olly

Today, Carlos, the sixth caterpillar, was released into the wild. While you’d have thought the butterflies would have been quite excited to get out into the wind, Carlos – aka Clingy Carlos – didn’t seem to want to leave Sam in a hurry.

He wrote:

IT’S FRIDAY FRIDAY GROWIN WINGS ON FRIDAY. Time to say an emotional goodbye to Clingy Carlos […] it’s been real. 6/7 butterflies are now hatched. Just waiting on the escapologist (still cocooned under the candle holder)


Alexa, play Miley Cyrus, Butterfly Fly Away.

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