Man Saves Drowning Coyote Pup, Takes On 10-Day Rafting Trip In Canada

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Jul 2020 14:04
Man Saves Drowning Coyote Pup, Takes On 10-Day Rafting TripMan Saves Drowning Coyote Pup, Takes On 10-Day Rafting TripWildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan/Facebook

This is the story of YipYip, a young coyote pup rescued from drowning by a Canadian rafter. 

Earlier this month, a man named Justin was enjoying a ‘multi-day raft trip down the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan Rivers’, cruising along without a care in the world.


However, he soon heard ‘a commotion coming from somewhere along the shoreline’ that sounded like a dog fight. He investigated to no avail, before eventually coming across a struggling coyote in the water.

Coyote Pup YipYip WRSOS 2Coyote Pup YipYip WRSOS 2Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan/Facebook

Justin initially parked his raft up so he could have a good look around. When he couldn’t see any sign of anyone or anything he returned to fishing, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan (WRSOS) reports.

That’s when the pup made himself known to Justin, as the WRSOS explained: 


While he was fishing, he heard something in the water squeak – and that’s when he saw some sort of animal swimming in the river! It’s nose was barely above the water and the water was so dark and murky that Justin couldn’t initially tell what kind of animal it was.

Coyote Pup YipYip WRSOSCoyote Pup YipYip WRSOSWildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan/Facebook

Justin reached in, but ended up falling in the ‘freezing cold water’ himself. ‘Luckily, Justin was somehow able to locate the animal – a coyote pup! – in the water AND catch his raft before it floated away for good,’ the post added.

However, when Justin got the animal back into the boat, it wasn’t conscious and wasn’t breathing. Fortunately, this adventurer was adept at CPR, so he put his skills to use on the coyote.


After using a ‘modified Heimlich manoeuvre by pushing on its belly’, water eventually poured out of its nose, and it was breathing again. Soon after, Justin took the animal onto land and got a fire going in a bid to heat themselves up.

Coyote Pup YipYip WRSOS 3Coyote Pup YipYip WRSOS 3Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan/Facebook

Justin ended up keeping the pup with him for a 10-day rafting excursion. He ‘would eat with Justin, cuddle in his jacket, and sleep in his backpack’. It was at this point he decided to name the coyote YipYip.

After eventually calling his wife for advice, Justin got in touch with WRSOS, where he ‘will be taken care of until he is old enough to be returned to the wild’. YipYip has already befriended his new ‘siblings’ at the facility, with plans for him to return to the outdoors in the fall, the Shropshire Star reports.


As WRSOS noted, ‘if it wasn’t for the wonderfully caring Justin, little YipYip would have perished in the river… thank you Justin!’

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