Man Says Orcas Are The Sociopaths Of The Ocean After Claiming They Give Sharks PTSD

by : Emily Brown on : 08 Sep 2021 18:32
Man Says Orcas Are The Sociopaths Of The Ocean After Claiming They Give Sharks PTSDPA Images

A TikToker has described orcas as ‘sociopaths’ after claiming their violent behaviour can cause sharks to have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Animal lovers can find a whole range of weird and wonderful animal facts on TikToker Mamadou’s page, though there are also some disturbing claims on there, such as the kind made in his recent video about orcas.


Despite going by the name ‘Killer Whale’, I think orcas get off lightly when it comes to humans’ perception of dangerous animals in the ocean, perhaps due to our knowledge of their poor treatment in captivity and through depictions in films such as Free Willy.

Killer Whale Orca (PA Images)PA Images

However, Mamadou has made clear orcas are not animals you should mess with, noting that ‘other than humans the only thing that can take on an orca and win is a bigger orca’.

The TikToker began his video by claiming orcas can give sharks PTSD, going on to say the huge animals ‘legitimately traumatise great white sharks’ and that sharks have been known to abandon their hunting grounds for up to a year if an orca is spotted swimming nearby.


Not only do orcas apparently scare off sharks, but they are said to literally tear them apart after flipping them on their backs and causing them to enter a state of paralysis before feasting on their liver, heart and other organs.

Check out Mamadou’s video below:


That a killer whale could take on a great white came as a surprise to researchers in 1997, when whale-watching tourists near San Francisco witnessed two whales consuming the liver of a great white, National Geographic reports.


In a report about the sighting, Scot Anderson, a seasonal researcher for Monterey Bay Aquarium, commented: ‘From that moment on, everything seemed to be different as far as perspective about orcas and white sharks. It completely changed everybody’s ideas.’

Orcas (PA Images)PA Images

Unfortunately, it’s not just great white sharks that are subject to torment by orcas, as Mamadou went on to describe how the whales have been known to toss seals high up into the air and slap stingrays with their tails.

The TikToker commented: ‘This swimming sociopath is the most oppressive force in the entire ocean… and because this Ocean Oreo has a range of almost everywhere, a grocery list of almost everything and their weaknesses only exist in fiction, the homicidal sea panda is truly a cheat code.’


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