Man Thinks He’s Taught A Seagull To Bark

by : Cameron Frew on : 01 Aug 2021 13:04
Man Thinks He's Taught A Seagull To Bark@scholesylfc/TikTok

Meet Gully, the seagull who can apparently bark like a dog. 

We all have our grievances with seagulls, whether you’ve had your chips nicked by the seaside or suffered a dive-bomb from a particularly ravenous bird on the street. In Moray, Scotland, a father and son recently complained about being regularly attacked by gulls.


Yes, they’re only animals, but they know how to wreak havoc in the most annoying ways. So it’s a refreshing change to find someone with somewhat of a kinship with a local gull – despite it seeming barking mad from the outset.

@scholesylfcThis is Gully. She lives on my balcony with her huge baby. She’s loud. Oh yeah, and she barks. ##seagull ##bark ##liverpool ##bird ##balconyview ##noisy♬ original sound – Wayne Scholes

Wayne Scholes (@scholesylfc) has racked up millions of views on TikTok with Gully, a resident seagull. ‘She lives on my balcony with her huge baby. She’s loud. Oh yeah, and she barks,’ he wrote.


At the start of his first clip, which has been viewed more than 1.7 million times, you can see Gully squawking like a normal seagull, before Wayne barks at it – and it appears to mimic the same noise in return. ‘I mean you said it but I still wasn’t prepared,’ one user wrote.

‘I’m sorry did you just teach a sea chicken to bark?’ another wrote. ‘Yes, yes I did. She’s a smart one and I was very bored,’ Wayne replied. ‘I didn’t know they could make that noise,’ another commented. ‘TBH me neither. But she’s been doing it for hours now,’ he also replied.

@scholesylfcGully stares at me, a LOT. The second I look at her she’s like, “No I’m not!”. ##seagull ##babyseagull ##bird ##liverpool ##bark ##barkingbird♬ original sound – ollie


Others have joked about ‘bilingual seagulls taking over’, while one wrote, ‘Forget guard dogs, get a guard seagull.’ One viewer noted they’d been around seagulls all their life and ‘never heard them make any other sound’.

Some even complimented Wayne’s barking. ‘I just want you to know that my dog 100% thought you were another dog barking and is now trying to find it,’ one user wrote. ‘That is a compliment for sure. Tell your dog ruff ruff from me,’ he replied.

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  1. @scholesylfc/TikTok

    This is Gully. She lives on my balcony with her huge baby. She’s loud. Oh yeah, and she barks. #seagull #bark #liverpool #bird #balconyview #noisy