Man Wears Lion Costume So Zookeepers Can Practice What To Do When Real Lion Escapes

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 24 Jun 2019 11:59
Man Wears Lion Costume So Zookeepers Can Practice What To Do When Real Lion EscapesMainichi News Group

A hilarious video has emerged from a zoo in Japan, proving not all heroes wear capes – some wear lion costumes.

Staff at Tobe Zoo in Ehime went viral when someone filmed them taking part in an emergency drill to ensure they knew what to do if one of their lions escaped.


But how do you emulate a big cat escaping without actually putting your staff in danger? Well, you get a human to dress up as one, of course.


The video shows staff staging the ‘lion escape’ in a bid to learn how to cope if it ever happened in real life, although something tells me it would be a little bit different to how this video would lead you to believe.

During the clip, which is enough to brighten anyone’s day, the camera cuts to a group of real lions who look bemused by the drill.


It starts with the staff putting up a net to block the cat from getting inside the site. You can then see a person stumbling around dressed up as a lion, looking like he’s fallen right out of a children’s TV programme.

Things get more intense as the ‘lion’ charges at one of the zoo keepers ‘attacking’ one of them through the net. The employee falls to the floor until their colleagues rush over to help.

During the second half of the video, a minivan arrives in into the area as a zoo worker takes aim at the person in the costume with a toy gun. The person in the costume falls to the ground in true action film slow-mo style, as if they’ve actually been struck with a bullet.


The zoo staff then prod the ‘lion’ with a long stick (very much like the cast of Friends prodding Ugly Naked Guy) to make sure it’s really dead, before the emergency workers rush out to put the animal in a body bag.

Man Wears Lion Costume So Zookeepers Can Practice What To Do When Real Lion EscapesMainichi News Group

These staged scenarios frequently happen in Japanese zoos to make sure everyone is prepared if an incident were to happen in real life.

Another video went viral in recent months, showing someone dressed up as a zebra, attempting to escape a zoo in Tokyo.


No one can knock their creativity, that’s for sure.

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