Man’s Horror After Finding Huge Australian Spider In England


I can’t say I’m one of those people that’s particularly bothered about the sight of spiders in my house…

However this picture is a bit of a game changer!

An unsuspecting guy found one – as big as the palm of his hand, as it was crawling up the wall of his house, and not just any old spider either!


Regarded as one of the world’s most terrifying spiders, the poor guy found a gigantic huntsman spider crawling up the wall of his leafy Kent home, reports the Mirror.

It’s unknown how the mini-beast, (that’s usually found in the Australian outback) has found its way to England, but i’m worried in case there’s any more on their way up the M6!

The Huntsman spider’s eight legs are scary enough – stretching to over a foot in length.


FYI – their bite CAN’T kill, still, I don’t want one near me – especially when the bite’s can lead to an irregular pulse and sickness!

The terrified resident phoned the RSPCA on their emergency hotline before one of their officers came to collect it.